WE ARE THE WORLD! Working Together to Tame the Pandemic Monster

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

As a scholar and leading business consultant, I have been actively engaged in economic forecasting, project management, Corporate Social Responsibility programs, and public health related projects. Indeed, I was one of the earliest forecasters of the US housing collapse and 2008 Financial Crisis with my 2001 prediction of the “consumer-led” recession. These predictions are documented in my first book (CREDIT CARD NATION), numerous media interviews, journalistic and scholarly articles, and 2006 documentary, IN DEBT WE TRUST: America Before the Bubble Bursts. But, the COVID-19 global pandemic pales in comparison to the ongoing social-economic-political devastation that will take many more years to recover.

As nations in the global “village” of nearly 7 billion people, Humanity is facing a cross-roads of unsustainable economic "progress." We know that the trajectory is incompatible for healthy lifestyles as we cope with major climate change, industrial food production that is poisoning our bodies, lack of physical exercise, intensifying stress and mental health challenges, news programs that inflame political divisions, inadequate health care systems, oppressive work regimes of the “gig” economy, military expenditures that dwarf national infrastructural investment, poorly funded public schools, and lack of preparation for the next major influenza pandemic.

As a specialized consulting firm, our team is intent on helping address the ravages of the “Silent Killer.” Our new focus is to assist in the repair of the fractured global supply chain of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It is shameful that the lack of safety preparedness of national governments, hospitals, and private companies is claiming the lives of so many front-line workers including doctors and nurses, mass transportation workers, grocery store employees, online distribution workers, food processing workers, and retirement home service providers. How is it possible that “global” hotspots lack basic medical supplies of KN95 filtration masks, face shields, sterilized hospital gowns, and life-saving ventilators and oxygen compressors?

At Newtonian Finances Ltd, we have formed a “swat team” of logistical specialists that connect the growing supply with the rapidly escalating demand for PPE medical supplies. Our efficiency in finding scarce and cost-efficient PPE supplies, accelerating their delivery, and ensuring necessary export documentation is measured in days, not weeks… in hours, not days. The PPE team serves as an international lubricant for the global supply chain whose efficiency is literally the difference between life and death for its end users.

As we serve this urgent short-term need, please appreciate our secondary goal which is to raise awareness and improve knowledge about the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much MISinformation creating confusion and fear, we will be posting objective news articles and official government reports that address the many social, economic, health, and political ramifications of the current crisis. Let us not forget that consequences of the pandemic are LOCAL but the Solution is GLOBAL. This is an INTERNATIONAL CRISIS that requires international COOPERATION. So, as a public service, we will provide information about the spread and responses to COVID-19 from around the world. Our goal is to identify “best practices” that will better inform policy-makers in their quest to re-start national economies, re-open school systems, and resume normal social activities.

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